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Academic Staff

List of the academic staff of the Institute of Baltic Region History and Archaeology:

Full Name Position E-Mail
Doc Dr Audronė Bliujienė Head of the project;
Research Professor
Prof Dr Linas Daugnora Research Professor daugnora@gmail.com
Dr Vasilijus Safronovas Research Professor vasilijus.safronovas@ku.lt
Dr Vykintas Vaitkevičius Research Professor vykintas.vaitkevicius@ku.lt
Prof Dr Vygantas Vareikis Research Professor vygantas.vareikis@gmail.com
Doc Dr Gintautas Zabiela Research Professor gintautas.zabiela@ku.lt
Doc Dr Vytautas Jokubauskas Head of the project;
Senior research fellow
Dr Gediminas Petrauskas Senior research fellow gediminas.petrauskas@ku.lt
Doc Dr Silva Pocytė Principal investigator;
Senior research fellow
Doc Dr Nijolė Strakauskaitė Senior research fellow nijole.strakauskaite@gmail.com
Doc Dr Marius Ščavinskas Head of the project;
Senior research fellow
Doc Dr Vacys Vaivada Senior research fellow vacys.vaivada@gmail.com
Dr Ernestas Vasiliauskas Senior research fellow ernestas@inbox.lv
Dr Karolis Minkevičius Research fellow karolis.minkevicius@gmail.com
Dr Raimonda Nabažaitė Research fellow r.nabazaite@gmail.com
Dr Elena Pranckėnaitė Principal investigator;
Research fellow
Dr Tomas Rimkus Research fellow tomas.rimkus@ku.lt
Dr Jolanta Skurdauskienė Research fellow jolantaskurd@gmail.com
Dr Justas Stončius Head of the project;
Research fellow
Dr Edvinas Ubis Research fellow edvinas.ubis@gmail.com
Dr Miglė Urbonaitė-Ubė Research fellow migle.urbonaite-ube@ku.lt
Dr Hektoras Vitkus Research fellow hektoras.vitkus@gmail.com
Dr Zigmas Vitkus Head of the project;
Research fellow
Mgr Ieva Masiulienė Research associate ieva.masiuliene@gmail.com
Mgr Akvilė Poškienė Research associate akvilesmaizyte@yahoo.com
Former members of academic staff of the BRIAI

List of the scholars that have been working at the Institute:

1992–2005 – Doc habil. Dr Alvydas Nikžentaitis, founder of the Institute and Research Professor.
1993–1999, 2012–2015 – Prof S. C. Rowell, PhD (Cantab), Principal investigator.
1993–1995, 2007–2014 – Doc Dr Arūnė Liucija Arbušauskaitė, Senior research fellow.
1995–1999 – Rasa Banytė-Rowell, Research associate.
1996–2001, 2005–2009, 2016–2018 – Prof Dr Ruth Kibelka-Leiserowitz, Research Professor.
1999–2000 – Dr Darius Staliūnas, Research fellow.
2003–2006 – Doc habil. Dr Ingė Lukšaitė, Senior research fellow.
2003–2014 – Prof Dr Rimantas Sliužinskas, Research Professor.
2003, 2012 – Mindaugas Brazauskas, M.A., Research associate.
2003–2005 – Klaidas Perminas, M.A., Research associate.
2003–2013 – Dr Romas Jarockis, Research fellow, since 2007 Senior research fellow.
2004–2010 – Dr Marius Ščavinskas (reestablished his contract in 2013), Research associate, since 2009 Research fellow.
2005 – Habil. Dr Vytautas Kazakevičius (†), Research Professor.
2005–2017 – Prof habil. Dr Algirdas Girininkas (reestablished his contract in 2018), Research Professor.
2006–2009 – Jurgita Žukauskaitė (Alvarez Romero), M.A., Research associate.
2006–2010 – Dr Džiugas Brazaitis, Senior research fellow.
2009, 2010–2011 – Ieva Masiulienė (reestablished her contract in 2012), M.A., Research associate.
2011–2021 – Darius Barasa, M.A., Research associate.
2012–2013 – Indrė Šimkutė (reestablished her contract in 2019), M.A., Research associate
2012–2015 – Dainius Elertas, M.A., Research associate.
2012–2015 – Egidijus Miltakis, M.A., Research associate.
2012–2015 – Edvinas Ubis (reestablished his contract in 2018), M.A., Research associate.
2012–2017 – Dr Miglė Stančikaitė (reestablished her contract in 2018), Senior research fellow.
2013 – Dr Roman Shiroukhov, Research fellow.
2013–2015 – Doc Dr Jonas Vaičenonis, Research Professor.
2014–2015 – Dr Tomas Kiauka, Senior research fellow.
2018–2019 – Dr Gvidas Slah, Research fellow.