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Research Groups

The research undertaken in the Institute of Baltic Region History and Archeology is split into thematic research groups. Each research group contributes to the priorities of Klaipėda University’s strategic research area Societies and Cultures on the Baltic Coast.

(a) Strategic research priority 1: Man in the Landscape: Transformations of Settlement Patterns and Lifestyles brings together three research groups working on the following topics:
1.1. Landscape Archaeology in Coastal Areas;
1.2. Technologies in Prehistory and Protohistoric Period;
1.3. Urban and Manor Material Culture in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period.

(b) Strategic research priority 2: Social and Cultural Change in the Southeast Baltic Region from the Middle Ages to the Present Day brings together four research groups working on the following topics:
2.1. Social Transformations in Contact Zones;
2.2. War and Society in the 20th Century;
2.3. Cultures of Remembrance and Historical Imagination;
2.4. Jewish and Antisemitism Studies.

Seven research groups with over 40 research active staff and a dozen of doctoral students carry out research projects to analyse social and cultural developments in the Southeast Baltic area from prehistoric times to the present day.