Volume 24

Archaeologia Baltica, vol. 24Archaeologia Baltica, vol. 24

Klaipėda: Klaipėda University Press, 2017. – 133 p.

ISSN 1392-5520


Tatjana M. Gusentsova, Petr E. Sorokin
The Wooden Construction of the Okhta 1 Site in St Petersburg

Kristiina Paavel
Pattern or Random? Contextualising Estonian Bronze Age Bronze Stray Finds on the Landscape

Kamil Niedziolka
Hill-Forts from the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age in Pomerania: An Overlooked Problem

Tatjana Berga
The Distribution and Chronology of Trading Equipment in Present-Day Latvia in the Tenth to Thirteenth Centuries

Heidi Luik, Arvi Haak
Decorated Antler Hammers and Axes from Estonia

Toomas Tamla, Heiki Valk
Gifts of the King. “Hanseatic” Bronze Bowls in Thirteenth-Century Estonia: Signs of Danish Crusades?

Jerzy Sikora, Piotr Kittel, Piotr Wroniecki
Lost and Found: The Vallum in Lacu at Ostrowite (Northern Poland). A Multidisciplinary Research Case Study

Nadezhda I. Platonova
Elite Culture of Old Rus’: New Publications and Discussions (a Review of IHMC RAS Studies in 2015-2016)